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If You Can Dance the Lord, Dance Him Up

by | Mar 4, 2016 | Baptism, Gospel Disco Obscurities Fridays, Pentecostalism

“Call Him Up/Can’t Stop Praising His Name”, written by Minister Keith Pringle with the Pentecostal Community Choir (Detroit, MI)
Performed by Ron Kenoly, early 1990s


I wonder if Ron Kenoly’s congregation is aware that around ~2:07, the 2nd part of this famous Keith Pringle tune they’re worshipping to goes into what might as well be a ‪Sylvester‬ song.

Detour through the Baptists: Raised Church of God in Christ and founder of the Pentecostal Community Choir, Min. Keith at one point been church organist at the historic New Bethel Baptist in Detroit.

(Perhaps New Bethel Baptist is better known as “Aretha’s Dad’s” church.)

All sorts of networking conduits run through New Bethel Baptist, including ties to COGIC innovator Dr. Mattie Moss Clark and the Clark family Gospel dynasty; Judge George Crockett, and of course Rev. James Cleveland, the man who never let denominational or confessional/credal differences impede Gospel musicianship.

“I Just Can’t Stop..” sounds suspiciously like Sylvester’s “Can’t Stop Dancing”, which came about during his Harvey Fuqua/Fantasy Records years, in 1979, doesn’t it?

Min. Keith didn’t even bother to change the key!

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