Technologies of Gospel

Circuits and Networks of Sacred/Secular Innovation

This blogspace discovers the intersections of Black entertainment
history with Black church history and American church history.

If you’ve ever read that an African-American musical artist
“started out singing in the church, and then…”
this project takes that comma as a point of departure
to open up new universes.

#MotownStudies: Introduction

Motown asserted the idea that Black [church-rooted] music was “the music of young America”. Because they were right, they were very successful.

Reading Room no. 4

You won’t read about Motown and the churches and the labor movement in titles like Black Detroit and the Rise of the United Auto Workers. But you will in this series.

Charleston: A Personal Spotify Playlist

The AME tradition is a continuous innovation on 200 years of institutional memory. Today we remember the #Charleston9 with a musical tribute to the artistic traditions of Gospel music and the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

If You Can Dance the Lord, Dance Him Up

While doing some research into James Cleveland protegés and GMWA alums, I ran across this clip of a Keith Pringle song that made me wonder a certain thing.

Altar Call Music

Gospel artists are a multigenerational community of disruptive innovation. Gospel music is designed to invite you in.

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